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6 Books I reviewed in 2018 that are still accurate

Hey y’all,

Here are some really short and sweet reviews I wrote back in 2018. I wanted to share these because they’re books I enjoyed and want to have featured somewhere on this blog. Here’s their chance for some shining glory and recognition. 😊

Omg so cute! The wiring was so cute and realistic (albeit about ghosts) and I love the cute humor in addressing questions about ghosts. Unexpectedly love the illustrations, too. Very nicely done all around.

Not what I expected. My kind of humor, too, just simple and sweet and a bit tongue in cheek. Amusing to see how they wove in the “behind the scenes” stories from history, and the characters, even the ones who are only alive for a few pages, are all hilarious and wonderful and surprisingly memorable.

If you follow her comics, you know what to expect. This is a selection of them in a lovely little book. If you don’t follow her comics, 1. start doing that and 2. find this book for a selection of what you’ll get.

In short: CUTE & love; simple art style; stories told without words; you’ll likely see yourself in some of these comics

Well, that was a wonderful surprise! Honestly, I shouldn’t even expect anything less from Shusterman. With so many dystopia and alt universe ya novels in the past years, he still stands apart with clever and original imaginings. ❤️

Recommended to me by Erin, thanks a bunch! ^.^

Pretty cute and I appreciated that it didn’t fall to clichés or overly sappy feel good crap. Just felt realistic and honest, and really funny too! Still annoyed by the usual trap of people just refusing to talk/listen and letting that ruin their relationship, but eh.

Although I loathe moths, this is one I’m deeply in love with and entranced by. The podcast and radio hour from npr are both wonderful, but this is a lovely collection for when I’m looking for a read instead of a listen. These stories still move me to laughter, tears, inspiration, gratitude… They make me FEEL. And I love that.


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