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May Wrap Up (that was fast)


How many books that I planned did I read?

I planned 11, fully confident that it would NOT happen, and indeed I got 8 completed, 3 of which weren’t even in my planned list. Nothing new there!

The Plan:

My plan was all books from my shelf, more or less: books I got from Book of the Month and hadn’t yet read, and books I bought from my fav local charity bookstore for Bookstore day. My goal was to clean up my shelves a little bit!!

The Result:

BOTM books: 4/6

Books I bought recently: 1/3

Books I requested an ARC of instead of reading what I already had…. 2/2 😁

Honestly this month, I burned myself out a bit. I inadvertently read a lot of heavier themes and styles of books. Things with trauma, and literary magic, and philosophizing about reality, and disjointed writing… nothing easy, basically. And boy did that wear me out. You can see at the end of that list are two easy reads , Reasons for Avoiding Friends and The Tea Dragon Society.


What even happened in May? I did more housework, fed more squirrels, and I think that’s it. 🤷‍♀️


Hit a new big (baffling) milestone for views this month. I have genuinely no idea why, but again, it’s so rewarding to see slow progress!

Here are some of my favorite posts I worked on this month, in case you missed them!

And here are some of my favorite posts by other bloggers!


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