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6 Books with Weddings

Hey y’all! I saw people besides my significant other and family for the first time this weekend and my friend’s wedding! If you happened to notice that I didn’t post anything on Saturday it’s because I was too busy celebrating!

It was so fun and so lovely and beautiful and I’m so happy for them! And I also wanted to use this as some inspiration for a post because I started thinking about all the books with weddings in them, and how they’re not always the way you might expect a book with a wedding in it to be.

By that I mean, sometimes the wedding goes wrong. Sometimes it’s in a horror and someone’s being forced to get married. Sometimes it totally is just an excuse for a bunch of romantic novel tropes and you know it, but you love it anyway. Weddings come in all kinds of ways in books! So here are a few that I immediately thought of when making this list that showcase the variety that you can get with weddings in books.

Ahh, the fake date

A juicy fake-date trope, Lucie decides to take a vacation to Scotland with a total stranger as his date to a wedding. The wedding, the hotel, the exotic locale, two hetero people… you can guess where this is heading.

Lure him in

Although Poppy and Alex are not the ones getting married, she DOES use the wedding as an excuse to lure him into a vacation together, after years of their broken tradition. Ends with a wedding, but the good stuff is all before!

Right from the start!

This one is unusual in that the events of the book are all triggered based on what happens at the wedding where we first meet our characters. Cakes may be smashed.

The climax, but not in the usual way…

Typically a book that ends in a wedding with a main character is a happy-ending romance sort of novel. That’s not exactly the case here…

Based on their marriage

This one embraces the trope of forced marriage between enemies due to the whole “honor and virtue” idiocy of the time period. For all the fuss around it, the actual ceremonial moments are pretty low-key!

The whole story

The premise is based on “we have to travel to my family’s home overseas to attend my best friends’ wedding.” The entire story occurs in the events leading up to the wedding.

Hope you enjoy this list and find a book or two that can fill your whim of a book with a wedding, no matter what form it may take!


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