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May TBR: I bought it, so I should read it

Hey y’all! I have a very clear theme for my reading this month. If last month was recommendations, then this month is books I’ve bought recently. I haven’t been buying books for a while in part to save money and in part because my bookshelf is full and I don’t have the library set up yet. Last week though, I went on a bit of a splurge for independent bookstore day and got 8 new books from my favorite local store(s). And then yesterday I also happened to order 3 books from Book of the Month. AND, I have one or two from last month that I’m in the middle of. You see where I’m going with this? 😅

I have a lot of books on my shelves that I should read!!! Especially all the newly purchased ones; especially all of the ones I purchased a while ago and haven’t got around to reading yet. So, here I go for the month!

Whoops, they’re done already by the time I’m posting this


Bought it

In progress

Honestly this feels ambitious, and I’ve had so little time to read or write or do anything besides work and work on the house (again / still). But I’m hoping to get to enjoy some more of them this month at least! ^.^


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2 thoughts on “May TBR: I bought it, so I should read it

  1. My summer reading list is already way too overwhelming – lol – so I can sympathize… But, you can always put a book off until “next month” right? Makes it less daunting. So, although you seem like you have plenty to read I have to recommend a book that my book club just finished called “Deciduous” by Michael Devendorf. It’s been my favorite psychological thriller of 2021! The main character, Sienna, loses both her children in a tragic opening. The author relays the mother’s grief through the twisting of her perception of things she once loved. We are then pushed and pulled through a thrilling, sometimes frightening journey of self doubt, mystery and darkness surrounding the children’s deaths. The author is not afraid to go to places that will make you sometimes uncomfortable, but does not make you ever feel completely hopeless. There is also some surprising beauty and light to be found. This one is unique and a must read. If you want to read more about it here is the website –


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