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2 Second DNF Review: Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

Wow did I hate this. Really strange given that I really enjoyed the first one. I can’t read that Mack winks one more time because I’m 30% through and it’s been like two times a page and I can’t deal with this vom-inducing guy. I also hate the “you know you love me” attitude. Shut up dude and don’t tell me how I feel. I’m not a huge fan of Liv either, with her constant fake gagging and anger at everything. Basically no one is likable in this book, to the point where the idea of sexual tension between them is off-putting since I dislike them both. Ugh.

Other issues:
– There are tons of typos and incorrectly used words in the digital copy. Especially weird because it’s a digital file so updates can be made and spell check exists.
– A romance based around a sexual assault and revenge? Maybe a bit of an inappropriate combination?
– Flat characters. Felt like they existed only to each personify one extreme trait to make it enemies to lovers.
– The reason they’re enemies is because… he once ate her leftovers. Seriously?


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