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A tiny secret / mistake that turned into tiny science

Hey y’all! Yesterday I posted about 5 books I’ve DNFd this year. About ten seconds after posting it, I thought “man that all felt really familiar to write. …did I already do a post about this?”

And yes, the answer is yes, I most certainly did. Since I realized it so quickly I was just going to de-post it, scrap it, and write something new. You may realize: I did not do that. FOR SCIENCE!

I’m SUPER curious how this post will compare to the first a few months ago. I’m also really hoping someone calls me out on it because I think that would be hilarious (and delightful that anyone knows my blog well enough to call me out on a post from a few months ago. Thanks in advance, long-term readers! ^.^) So for now I’m leaving them both in the world and will update this after I see what happens!

What happened

The second post had 4x as many views, 3x as many likes, and engagement on twice as many days (so… two days. xD). BUT, the first post got a few comments, so had active engagement.

Somehow within 2 months, and the addition of 2 more books to the list, there was actually a fairly significant increase in stats on it. Also, 2 people liked both posts which cracked me up. I have to wonder if it seemed familiar to them too, or if they hadn’t noticed!


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4 thoughts on “A tiny secret / mistake that turned into tiny science

    1. xD I feel ya. Clearly I can’t even keep my own posts straight so no judgement to anyone else who didn’t notice lol! (You were not one though fyi, your brain is still sharp 💪😂)


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