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Fast Forward Friday: Anna K Away, 4/27/21

Hey y’all! In contrast to Throwback Thursday, I like to use Fridays to look forward to an upcoming release that I’m excited about! Today’s is Anna K Away by Jenny Lee!
Expected Release: April 27, 2021

Why wait on this one?

  • Although it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I really enjoyed the first book, Anna K! I’ll say it again, making Tolstoy a contemporary YA novel is impressive, and Jenny Lee did well. I’m interested to see where she takes it in this sequel that is, as far as I know, not based on anything besides her own imaginings.
  • Travel is always a winning point for me, and even more so that it’s to South Korea! 🥰It’s a gorgeous place with gorgeous people and its own set of social issues. And I can picture it all so well after living there. I’m thrilled to see Anna’s portion of the story, where she’ll travel to partially-known family in an unknown place and perhaps find her roots.
  • The crew back home honestly sounds like they have a lot going on. And, okay, maybe the majority of that stuff is relationship stuff tied with their own self-identity, but introspective learning feels like what I’m looking for at the moment. Bring it on. ^.^


How the mighty have fallen. Anna K, once the golden girl of Greenwich, CT, and New York City, has been brought low by a scandalous sex tape and the tragic death of her first love, Alexia Vronsky. At the beginning of the summer, her father takes her to the other side of the world, to connect with his family in South Korea and hide her away. Is Anna in exile? Or could this be her chance to figure out who she really is?

Back in the U.S., Lolly has forgiven Steven for cheating on her, and their relationship feels stronger than ever. But when Lolly meets a boy at her beloved theater camp, she has to ask herself how well Steven will ever really know her. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, everything between Kimmie and her new boyfriend, Dustin, is easy—except when it comes to finally having sex. And Bea escapes to LA, running away from her grief at her beloved cousin’s death, until a beautiful stranger steals her heart. Is Bea ready to finally forgive Anna, and let herself truly fall in love for the very first time?

Set over the course of one unforgettable summer, Jenny Lee’s Anna K Away is full of the risk, joy, heartbreak, and adventure that mark the three months between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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