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Where have all the good books gone?

Hey y’all! I was writing a review today for another book that I ended up not that interested in despite my expectations. I felt like I’ve been doing that a lot lately. So I took a look, and, yep: of the 29 things I’ve finished reading this year, only 2 were rated above a 3 star for me. 😱

Two were rated 4 stars, but both were re-reads (Othello & Eragon), so I don’t count those because I knew I would like them.

And then to think that this isn’t even counting the several — SEVERAL!!! — books that I’ve DNF’d already this year.

I know I tend to be a bit of a stricter reviewer than most people, and rating something 2 stars for me isn’t that uncommon. It’s also not an indictment, but more of a lackluster shrug that something was just ok and I probably won’t remember much of it in a month. But still, y’all… where are all my best reads?

So here’s a request: comment with your absolute favorite book, or one that totally blew you away, so I can give it a try too! ^.^


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15 thoughts on “Where have all the good books gone?

  1. Okay! Absolute favorite books of all time are Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.
    But the current series I’m in the middle of is the Bloodlines series by Emily Hurricane. It’s a post-apocalyptic werewolf series (not a romance though-just more adventure). She’s an indie author and her books are awesome. It’s a 5 book series, but all of the books are just over 100 pages, so easy to fly through (it got me out of my short reading slump).
    I also just finished another book by an indie author, “Music of the Night” by Angela Ford. This is a fantasy romance inspired by Phantom of the Opera.
    Whether you give any of my suggestions a read or not, I hope you find your next great read soon! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks so much! Head Full of Ghosts sounds dope, and I don’t usually go for horror. Bloodlines, too, I love finding a great new author! These might be just what I need 😊


    1. Oooh good reminder. I’ve had that one on my list but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Although to be honest, some Austen does sound kind of nice right now too. Have you heard of our read The Other Bennett Sister by Janice Hadlow? It imagines more of Mary’s story, and I thought it did a pretty good job with it actually.

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    1. You know what’s been sitting on my shelf since college when it got cut from a class? We Have Always Lived in the Castle. xD I’ve started it several times and liked it, then got distracted and stopped. AND IT’S SO SHORT! I really have no excuse. I’ll go grab it next, thanks! πŸ˜€(Good Omens was a revelation for me when I read it btw)

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  2. Jennifer have you ever read Dune? It is a Sci-Fi novel by Frank Herbert. I don’t know your tastes quite well but if you liked the adventure of The Inheritance Cycle, you might like the adventures in Dune. I usually lean fantasy over Sci-Fi but am absolutely loving how beautifully written Dune is.

    My absolute favorite book though.. Sapiens by Yuvol Noah Harrari. I didn’t see your answer to your own question. What’s yours??

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    1. Dune is very much my style. The graphic novel that came out recently has been catching my eye and I’ve been debating whether to read that or the original first. Suggestions?

      Some favs: The Cat I Never Named by Amra Sabic El-Rayess, Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, The Power by Naomi Alderman, Arthas by Christie Golden (yes, that Arthas, it’s SO GOOD.) Sapiens is one I’ve come across several times and thought I’d like but just never ended up picking up. Good reminder!


      1. Oh my god. I had no idea there was a graphic novel. Literally just bought it on Amazon thanks to you lol! I might say to read the book first because you seem to enjoy good writing and I notice the graphic novel is like a short version of the story. Plus then your imagination of the world won’t be influenced by the artist at first.

        Arthas is one that sits in my unread pile as I type this. Sounds like I will be moving it higher in my priority list. Thanks for these recommendations!

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      2. Goods points on Dune. Ordering myself a copy because it seems like a good book to physically read 😊 definitely bump Arthas! The writing itself is okay, but the story overall is what I loved most. You see so many people and events, and it hits even harder if you already know some of the significance of implications within. πŸ‘Œ


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