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A strange book encounter

When I was younger, my friend got a copy of this new book called Witch & Wizard and kept me updated on how it was going. A little over halfway, she told me she had stopped reading it, but wouldn’t explain why. Instead, she offered to lend it to me so I could read it myself.

Of course I accepted, and was enjoying it fairly well. I wasn’t sure what could have happened for her to abruptly stop reading it! And then, of course, I knew. It was pretty clear, really: there were 100 pages missing in the middle of the book.

WTF? 🤣

It was a brand new copy of a brand new book! I have no idea if she just got one bad bind in the bunch, or if a whole crate of them were incorrectly bound, or if it was bizarrely on purpose. The story went from “getting to the good stuff” to “winding down after the climax.”

I guess it wasn’t that great at the time, because I never bothered to finish it. xD


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