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Luck at the library

Well, I just posted my 2021 Library Love challenge yesterday, and I’ve already been doing pretty well this month with it! I put holds on two recent releases I was excited about, fully expecting I wouldn’t actually get a copy for probably a month or two since they were popular. Plus, the little time estimated gadget and the number of other holds was… pretty lengthy.

Happily (and unexpectedly), I got both within days of submitting the hold! I have no idea what happened — maybe other people cancelled their holds? maybe the library got more copies? — but one is finished and the other is nearly. ☺

The first was Siri, Who Am I? by Sam Tschida that surprised me by being a shade more thoughtful than I anticipated. Frankly I was in it for a probably generic but still enjoyable light read. Girl has amnesia, has to figure out who she is (was?) from her only true source: social media. But since most people fake their lives on social, can she even trust that?

The other is Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas, which you may well have heard of. And if you haven’t, I’ve read about 75% of it and can happily say it’s quite good! I think it’s a little softer and less gut-wrenching than her other book with it, The Hate U Give. Still good, for sure, but you can probably read it without wanting to rage at the world. Though, who knows: I haven’t finished it just yet!

Good news if you have the next hold on this book after me: it’ll be coming your way soon. 😁


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2 thoughts on “Luck at the library

  1. I’d seen the cover for Siri, Who Am I a few times and it looked cute but I never actually looked into what it was about. But now my interest is definitely piqued! It sounds like an interesting read so I just might have to check it out 😛 I can’t wait to read Concrete Rose — I loved Maverick in THUG so I’m looking forward to reading his story. Happy reading!

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    1. Honestly Siri Who Am I was better than I expected! I read THUG so long ago I kind of forget the details, but Concrete Rose read pretty well even as a “standalone” book for someone who hasn’t read THUG. I’m sure there will be details and things to pick up on that relate to the other book though 😃


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