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2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Hey y’all! I gave a way more in-depth look at the stats and numbers for my year in reading in 2020 in this post a few days ago, but here’s the Goodreads side of things! Once again, this number of books that I read is FAR above my average (60ish) because of the craziness of last year. But let’s get started! 🙂

The 11 page book by Mindy Kaling was weird because there was an actual whole length book, but for some reason it was broken up into separate pieces on Amazon. So I ended up reading each separate section of the regular book as it’s own book. Not sure why they did it that way, but whatever! And, of course, Paolini’s grand return. Look, *I* was a fan of this, and yes some of that is probably my excitement about Paolini. But I don’t typically like space stories, and this one…. I was fully sold on this one.

I actually did a huge double-take when I saw The Girl on the Train here, because if you’d asked me, I would have sworn I read that at least a year ago. But no… it was in February 2020 when I was on vacation in Mexico before the world got sick. WOW. Blast from the past right there, or so it feels.

ALSO WHY. WHY HAVE ONLY 7 PEOPLE SHELVED ORESTIN’S OWN. Y’all are sleeping on this book, let me tell ya. It’s this super creepy world with a grand quest and unlikely heroes, but it bucks all cliches and stereotypes. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who likes dark fantasy. Necromancers, monsters of the walking dead, a threat to all the world…. it’s good stuff!!!

Mostly quick-ish reads, and generally decent books. I am definitely someone who is not afraid to give two stars when a book is just ok. And to be honest I feel like there are probably some I was a little bit more generous to than I would have been otherwise due to the state of the world and my mind, but whatever! Generally decent reading is dope. ✌

YES. AS IT SHOULD BE. I’m like aggressively shouty about this book because it is so, SO GOOD. It’s a memoir that reads like a novel, which becomes super eerie as you read the horrors Amra Sabic-El-Rayess survived during the Bosnian genocide and then you’re like oh, dear God, and this ALL REALLY HAPPENED. There’s no comfort in thinking it’s made up or exaggerated. No. This is actual history. History that personally I had never even heard of, which feels like a gaping horrible void in my education.

Read this book.

I definitely thought this book was ALSO one I read a long, long time ago.

And the grand finale… every book I read in 2020, in a teeny tiny rating chart!


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