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Review: In Love & Pajamas by Catana Chetwynd

In Love & Pajamas: A Collection of Comics about Being Yourself Together by Catana Chetwynd
Verdict: Catana continues her signature style with plenty new comics that made me smile. (PLUS THIS RHYMED!)
Expected Release: February 2, 2021

Recommended: uh, YES! 🙂
For people who like slice-of-life comics, for a trusty source of smiles, for more of Catana’s established comic style, for anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship and is familiar with the feeling of settling in and having routines


When you’ve reached that sweatpants-wearing cozy place in your relationship, it’s all In Love & Pajamas!  This brand-new collection of Catana Comics presents some fan favorites and half of the book features never-before-seen comics that delight and amuse readers of all ages.  Wholesome, sweet, feel-good humor!


Catana Chetwynd is a master at creating comics that feel like a slice of your own life. Not to speak for you, of course, but that certainly is the feeling for myself and many others. For example: the very first comic in this book is something that happens so frequently in my relationship that I just had to laugh when I read it. And then settled in happily for the rest.

There are plenty of new comics in this collection, so if you follow Catana’s work you’ll still have new things to enjoy! One of my favorites was a moment of comparing hand sizes, and the gentle awe that comes with it. And again… that’s something that happens with relative frequency for me. 😂

And hey, if you’re not in a relationship or never have been, this is still a plenty welcoming collection. They’re just cute and fun regardless, and a lot of these are situations that could also happen with roommates, friends, etc. Who hasn’t made a kickass blanket and pillow fort for movie night before? (If you’re raising your hand, I recommend changing that ASAP ☺)

If you’ve NEVER read something by Catana Chetwynd, oh my god are you lucky because you’re about to be introduce to heartwarming, simple comics that can always tempt out a smile. Focused on her relationship, Catana and John show those Little Moments of Love that can define a relationship. There’s also a good dose of moments where she pokes fun at herself or John, acknowledging their absurdities and inconsistencies (especially when hangry or over-tired) that shows she’s not taking it all too seriously. I mean, it’s a comic, yo.

Thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel publishing for a free advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!


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