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My gift to myself was a short break :)

Hey y’all! I just celebrated Christmas here in the states with my boyfriend. It was a very small event this year, which honestly was absolutely perfect for me. No family and travel stress, just an easy day relaxing and eating delicious food and watching him enjoy the things I got for him and enjoying the things he got for me. A day of love and idelness, in the best way!

Part of my idelness was not posting here for a few days. It wasn’t really planned, but we were doing a lot together and I didn’t want to sacrifice that time. Sorry! But it was a good little break to have. Now that I’ve posted daily for over a year and know that I can, I feel less weird if I need to miss a day or so when I’m just not up to it, or on vacation, or whatever.

Man. It would be really nice to have the reason be due to a vacation again. Really starting to miss traveling now!

Anyway, happy end of the year, y’all. Whether you celebrate any other holidays or not, we’re going into a new phase! And while I don’t expect some immediate miraculous change in the way I’m living, I can definitely see that some of the bigger goals I’ve been working towards are getting closer. I’ll hang on this last bit and enjoy it!


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