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2 Second Review: 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

2 sentence summary:

Sophie’s boyfriend ditches her just before Christmas, and she ends up heartbroken and surrounded by her (somewhat estranged) extended family. So they decide to each take turns setting her up with single young men for two weeks of daily dates, as they get to know their beloved relative again.


I read this book in one sitting while I couldn’t move out of bed for a day. It was a wonderful distraction, way better than I expected, and perfect for a Christmassy-but-not-too-Christmassy read. Also I thought it would be pretty weird and awkward to get over the fact that her whole family is setting her up on these dates, but it was presented in a loving and fun way rather than in a “we are concerned about your sex life” way. Which is good since she’s only 17 anyway. Also matchmaking is still a thing, so I guess family-delivered blind dates really isn’t that weird.


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