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December TBR: ending the year however tf I want!

Hey y’all

This month’s theme I would like to call “doing whatever I want.” Although that said… there are a few books I’m reading as giveaways, and challenges, and books of the month… ๐Ÿ˜‚ But still — it’s what I want to read! ^.^

I’m not really sure how my reading time will look this month, with a full time job again and holidays and possibly closing on my house and all. But if current status is any indication, it might go okay?


Remember forever ago when I accidentally found out I had won a giveaway for Skyhunter? It finally showed up. ๐Ÿ˜‚ So I guess I’ll finally read that one now! I also just finished Cuttle which was pretty dang good once I reset my expectations. (Why did I think it was nonfic? No idea. But it was a tough adjustment. xD)

Book of the Month

Exploration seems to be what I’m getting most out of BOTM, which works for me! I hadn’t heard of either of these books until I saw them in Book of the Month, and I’m actually really excited about both. I hate the cover of Memorial though. I did just realize the sticks are chopsticks, so I like it a little more, but still. Ugh. And the other one is a collection of short stories, which is always a bit of a risk for me. Here’s hoping!

StoryGraph Challenge

Well, I’m wrapping up my StoryGraph Onboarding challenge because I am absolutely determined to get it done. I’m so close! These two books will finish me up. I’m already about halfway through Annihilation, but it’s just so weird that it’s a really slow read for me. Good thing it’s a shorter book, I guess!

I wanted to read them so badly…
I actually already did

Honestly, how could I resist all these wonderful titles?! Answer: I couldn’t. So I already read them all this month. When did I find the time? I seriously have no idea.

What are y’all doing this month to say goodbye to 2020?! Here’s to trying to send it out on a positive note, despite anything else this year has brought. ๐ŸŽ‰


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