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November 2020 Wrap Up


How many books that I planned did I read?

ONE. HUNDRED. PERCENT. Which I think was like, 8/8. So apparently 8 is my magic number for what I can honestly commit to in a month, and then I’ll add in whatever else as I go. 😂

The Plan:

The Result:


Yeah y’all, that’s right, I actually… read every book I planned to read last month?! What? Pretty sure this has 100% never ever happened. I was a woman on a mission, apparently. To be real I think it’s because stress was pretty high so I escaped into reading pretty often when I could to try to combat that.

The Dragon of Ynys and Game of Thrones Graphic Novel Vol 1 and Will I See? were all for my StoryGraph onboarding challenge, which I’m planning on wrapping up in December. All three were fab, and they are each remarkably different from each other. What a combo. 🤣

Notorious was a win from Bookishfirst that I dove into headfirst! A light and sweet (yet surprisingly kind of deep) regency romance with a touch of fire was a perfect diversion for the month.

And then I had Ties That Tether, These Violent Delights, and The Last Story of Mina Lee from my first month(s) of Book of the Month. Sadly all three were good-not-great kind of reads for me. Maybe I just wasn’t in the perfect mood for some of them, because I can recognize that each is a good book; I just didn’t overly enjoy it.


Well, most notably I started my new job! Granted I started it on November 30th, but hey that’s still in November! I really love the culture and community so far, and there seem to be a lot of opportunities to learn and grow which is my personal focus (always is!).

And, of course, continuing to work on fixing up our house. Blah. Who knew how much of a pain in the butt raking and plumbing were?

(Probably every homeowner ever is thinking, yeah, duh, obvs they suck.)

A new game expansion for an MMORPG I play came out the week before I started work again, so I had glorious unobligated time to play the absolute heck out of it. 😍 Thank goodness for the little things that tilt in our favor, eh?


I squeezed out some blog goals last month, despite feeling like I gave very minimal time to it. I’m slowing down a bit, y’all with holidays and a new job and house work and paperwork… oi!

Here are some of my favorite posts I worked on this month, in case you missed them!

And here are some of my favorite posts by other bloggers!


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