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But I also want chipmunk hunk?

Alright y’all, a few months ago I found some overly blogger’s post about a comic series that sounded perfect: The Unbearable Squirrel Girl. And at the time I thought, oh how funny and cute I bet that is! And then I found it on my library’s Hoopla site, bookmarked it, and promptly didn’t read it.

Cue yesterday when I’m on Hoopla like “dang I already finished several of my planned books for the month, now what??”

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, that’s what. And it’s kicking butt. And making me want to eat nuts. And yes, the theme song absolutely has been stuck in my head this whole time.

10/10 recommended so far. 🥰🐿️🐿️


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