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A touch of reality

Y’all, look, I just started a new job and I’m working on all the paperwork and insurance and requirements to close on my house this month and working on that house every weekend and so so tired and it feels like there’s still so long to go still.

So my posts lately have been getting a lot less attention than I would usually give them. I have a lot of real-life obligations, and I’ve had to let the blog take a smaller amount of time for the next month or two. Happily, I’ve still been making time to read, because that’s my sanctuary especially now with so much going on! So I’m reading, and not writing.

I’ve given a lot of thought to just… not posting every day. It’s not like I really have to, and ultimately the only reason I do it is for me to push myself to be consistent and creative! But I do like having the daily something, no matter how small. Hopefully y’all agree, if you’re even reading this. ❤ So in short, nothing much to be posted today, but I’m still around. Eventually I’ll have my usual monthly wrap post, and I’ll chat a little more about how everything is going there.

And, really, life is pretty good. I’m extremely grateful and lucky for what I have. But I’m also pretty tired; so for now I’m going to lay in some blankets and read for whatever amount of time I have before I fall asleep.

Thanks Wowhead.


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