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Another day of gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States, and while I’m not big on holidays, I am big on being grateful for what you have. I make it a point each day to consciously appreciate what I have in life, and today is no different. But today is also a day where a lot of people focus on it, so I’ll share a few things from my list as well here. ☺

Things I’m Grateful For

  • having this blog and the chance to work with publishers and authors. It’s literally a dream come true, and one I genuinely never thought could actually happen. It may seem simple, but for me it’s completely amazing. ^.^
  • my legs work. Again, a seemingly simple thing, unless you don’t have it. Having broken my foot before, I got a little taste of navigating the world without the ease of functioning legs. Now it’s a touchstone of gratitude
  • rainy days. I do crave sun more often than not, but a calm rainy day can be like a heavy comforting blanket some days.
  • the most delicious foods that I get to eat. Some people lived before chocolate was available, and I’m so grateful that’s not my fate.
  • the frugality of my youth. I saved far more often than spent in the last years, and those savings came in crucial this year with employment being pretty shaky
  • speaking of employment, I’m hella grateful to start my new job next week! I’m extremely grateful I got it within just a few weeks of losing my other job, and I wasn’t stuck in the fearful limbo of not knowing if I would have income for long. Plus, I’m just super excited about this new role and all the opportunities it brings. ✌
  • apple cider vinegar shampoo that has finally, finally brought a lovely shiny balance to my hair
  • shared gaming habits with my S.O. and a few days to play together in the new expansion
  • friends who adapt to long-distance friendship and put in the effort to make it work
  • every librarian I’ve ever met because they had a huge influence in my life

Alright, I could easily go on because there is so much to be grateful for (even on the bad days). But I’ll stop for now. Tell me some of your own bits of gratitude so I can celebrate with you. ^.^


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