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When you can’t focus at all but also finish 2 books

Today, oh, today. It was unseasonably warm and sunny today, so I got some time reading outside on the deck (probably for the last time for a while). So while it should have been a lovely day, I just felt like I couldn’t focus!

It seems weird to say that when I can also say I finished 2 books today. Granted that was probably only like 150 pages total to finish between the two of them, but still — it sounds like it would require at least SOME focus! And yet my mind has been scattered.

In all fairness, a large part of that was because of the squirrels. They’re hella cute and know I source peanuts if they ask nicely. So though I was trying to start These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong… I just kept watching the squirrels instead. 😂

Do you feel like you’ve been productive when you read a lot in a day? It varies for me, but I tend to try to get a few other concrete things in as well.


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