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How to write a blog post when you have no ideas: a memoir

Hey y’all! This post is definitely inspired by my own lack of inspiration right now. So since I can’t seem to get something solid out of my mushy brain at the moment, I came up with some ideas for what to do next time this happens! For me, for you, for anyone — if you’re feeling stuck give these a go!

You’re welcome, future me.

  • read posts by some other favorite bloggers
  • review old posts of your own and see if you have any opinions that have changed
  • read an old review for a book that you’ve since re-read and see if you felt any differently on the latest read
  • a list of books you weren’t into right away but loved by the time you finished
  • check out different bookish memes and see if one strikes you (Top 5 Saturday / Tuesday, Let’s Talk Bookish, First Lines Friday…)
  • write a review, because you KNOW there are books that you never got around to reviewing πŸ˜‚
  • look up pictures of libraries in cities you want to visit because they’ll be gorgeous and then you’ll want to visit them even more 😍
    fun fact (or maybe just a nerdy-me fact): when I was in Amsterdam I spent an entire day reading and exploring in their library because IT IS AMAZING.
  • check out the last 5, 10, etc books you’ve read and see what they have in common or different. Are you on a kick you didn’t realize? How diverse is your reading recently?
  • check out what books you added to your TBR 6 months ago. How many have you read? What ones haven’t you read, and why? Do you still want to read them? This is also a bonus little TBR-cleanup if you’re the type! I just love to remember great books I was excited about. It’s like a top-notch recommendation from someone who knows me best: myself!
  • find a book you rated 1 star or otherwise just REALLY did not like. Rant about it! Ranting about stuff you hate is always easy, and also often entertaining when done right. Also mention why you finished it, if you hated it so much. (Or if you DNFd, well done!)
  • find a genre you rarely read and look up what new releases are popular in it right now. What are your thoughts? Would you read any, or are you still fully uninterested?
  • Make a book stack of progressively lengthy titles. Example: 1 word, 2 words, 3 words…
    White Ivy
    Girl, Serpent, Thorn
    One Year of Ugly
    The Turn of the Key
    To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars
    Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire
    Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come
  • Judge books by their titles. Pick 5 that have titles you LOVE, and 5 that have titles you’re meh about. Did you already read the ones you love, and did they hold up if so? What made you read or want to read the 5 you’re meh about, if not the title?
  • If you were teaching a class about [book] or [series] what would it be about? What conversations would come up, and what would be debated? Where would you go for a field trip?
  • Pick a random word and see if you’ve ever read a book with that in the title. How did it relate to the book (if at all)? Find a book with that word you haven’t read. Would you? What do you expect of it, based on that word?

Okay well I feel motivated! Do you??

It’s amazing how when I feel like I have no ideas, and my idea is to come up with ideas…. I can come up with a lot of ideas! I think it was removing the pressure to do something perfectly right then that made it easier. And now I’m actually pretty excited about some of these, so expect to see them soon! 😁 Hopefully there are some ideas in here that you might hang on to and try out as well. Stay safe & happy, y’all!


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6 thoughts on “How to write a blog post when you have no ideas: a memoir

    1. Thanks! It’s a lesson I learn over and over again. Also those are some of my FAVORITE comics, he’s a wonderfully clever and funny and heartwarming artists. Definitely recommend Strange Planet!


  1. Ooh yes, thank you for this wonderful list of ideas because well, although I do a lot of those weekly memes that keep me going, this is great for whenever I want to do something more fun (one day) lol also, those strange planet comics are so spot on and hilarious. They never fail to make me laugh πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha happy to (maybe) help! I’ve learned a lot of the weekly memes from your blog tbh so it’s mutual. πŸ™‚ Strange Planet just always makes my day better. It’s exactly why I love comics so much 😍


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