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BOOK ALERT: Series finale ARCs on NetGalley from Wednesday Books!

Hey y’all! I got a very exciting email this morning, and wanted to spread the news for anyone else who would be pumped to hear it! Until 10/17/20 (EST) three series finale books are available to read immediately on NetGalley — no request needed! Wednesday Books is spreading the love for all us readers. πŸ₯°

If you’re not familiar with NetGalley, it’s a site used by publishers to give advanced digital copies of books to readers of all kinds for early reviews and promotion. You can sign up for free at, and click on the links below to read the books once you’re all set up! The site is only available in some countries, and not all books are available in all places, so if any below are not available for you I’m terribly sorry for getting your hopes up, but you can still find other great reads on NetGalley! πŸ˜“πŸ˜­

If you loved FABLE

I know I personally saw this book cover ALL OVER for a few months before release, because dang is it stunning! This female-led pirate adventure that began with Fable is concluding in Spring of 2021 with Namesake by Adrienne Young, but you can read a digital copy early below!

If you loved DIAMOND CITY…

Diamond City by Francesca Flores is getting it’s finish in early 2021! The first book introduced Aina, and gave us a badass female assassin (one of my personal favorite tropes) and a world of criminals, magic, and conspiracy. There’s literally nothing else I need in a book. 😍 If you absolutely can’t wait to continue following Aina in her attempt to take control, check out Shadow City!

If you loved THE LOST CITY…

Have you ever visited the world of Trylle? Amanda Hocking is wrapping up her current arc that began with The Lost City and is concluding with The Ever After, publishing in early 2021! Finish the long journey with Ulla to discover the truth of her unknown parents with allies and enemies along the way.

We all know the physical copies are hard to resist

It’s very exciting to have the series finales available to read digitally! Big thanks to Wednesday Books. But, come on: did y’all LOOK at those book covers?! They’re all so stunning! Kudos to the designers because they are irresistible. Even if you read the digital copy before publication, pre-order your own physical copy too so you can admire these titles whenever you want. I keep getting lost in Fable’s eyes… 😍


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