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100 books read!! How did I do with my extended reading goals?

Hey y’all!

So a while ago (April I think?) I wrote about how I had already finished my standard book-reading goal for the year: 52 books! And yes, even though I’ve totally destroyed that goal like a boss, I am still going to keep my reading goal at 52 each year.

My further goal for myself once I hit the sheer number amount was to read things I wouldn’t usually, or to read more diversely in general. I’ve now hit 100 books in the year, and I’m curious about how I did with my extended goal in the last 48 books I’ve read. I think I’ve done a good job with it, but let’s take a look and actually judge me on it, shall we? 😁

Here were some of the life+books goals that I had considered for myself earlier this year:

  • Maintaining friendships – buddy reads and book recos!
  • having date nights – watch a tv show or movie based on a book I’m reading *cough* THE WITCHER *cough*
  • Read # of books by authors of color
  • Read # of books set in another country
  • Read # of nonfiction books
  • Read # of books that are outside my top 3 genres
  • Read # of books that were recommended to me (and follow up with the person who recommended it!)
  • Participate in a buddy read

Some stats, who doesn’t love numbers??

I’m a sucker for seeing nice clean numbers and graphs and such about what I’ve read, so here we go. I’ll take a look at how many books I’ve read in the year total for each item, as well as how many I’ve read specifically since I completed my 52 books of the year goal (so about since May, for reference).

CategoryYear TotalExtended Goal TotalHow many were in extended goal?
Books set outside of America:22 13 60%
Nonfiction books: 161381%
Books I wouldn’t usually read but took a risk on:18 10 56%
Books I read with a friend or as a recommendation from a friend: 7.5 (.5 because one I DNFd)4.5, plus 2 upcoming next month60%
Books written by non-white authors: 29 21 72%

I think I did okay!

So it looks like I did actually do pretty well with my extended kinds of goals. I’m really pleased with how much my black and Latinx author ratio has gone up (although I also included Asian authors in that amount). And, y’all, can we check that nonfiction book rate? THIRTEEN OF SIXTEEN WERE READ AFTER MY NUMERIC GOAL! That’s dope. Then again, that’s also somewhat due to my discovery of how to best listen to audiobooks. But stil! 😁

How are your reading goals going for the year? We’re coming into the tail end of 2020 and the last few months are when the goal panic usually sets in, for those who try to read a certain amount of books. Don’t let the panic take over and focus on what matters most! ♥


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