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Spine poetry: days after a breakup (but not my own!!)

This session of spine poetry stems from my last 5 completed books, but as of a few days ago because I wrote these and then finished some books before finishing this post. πŸ˜… At the time of writing my five most recently finished books were:

an anonymous confession:
each of you
deserve a court

strangers deserve secrets
from each other
a bitter thorn to play
from a season of nothing

you confess nothing special
secrets play
a bitter collection from each other

you deserve:
secrets from each other
a thorn from strangers
a bitter season

–> This one is more loving, in a general way of happily celebrating the world and all people. I felt like I should try something brighter after the sad ones. πŸ˜‚

–> I’m not entirely sure. Maybe how you never really know a person’s story unless you ask. And it’s not cool to assume that you do based on their looks or attitude or actions.

–> Ah, here we go. The lovers who suspect and maybe know something is wrong, trying to tempt the truth out of their opposite, but being denied. The poison remains between them, known but unspoken.

–> After the breakup, post-unpoken-poison above. Things you wish upon your ex.

Here’s hoping that to any of you in a relationship that you’re making it through Covid and stay at home orders while staying strong with your partner! Both sides of the coin can be tough here: living together and being together 24/7 can be a strain for a lot of people; being apart for months and suddenly having a “long distance relationship” due to social distancing requirements can be really crappy too. So best of luck to all in either situation (and everyone else, too!). Stay strong!


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