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The library that started from empty beer cartons

I feel like alcohol and a public library are two things kind of on opposite ends of a spectrum. I’m not sure which spectrum, but definitely one of them. In this one library, though, those two things have come together perfectly in Madgeberg, Germany.

Originally a collection of 1000 empty beer cartons, the residents decided to use them as building materials on some unused land in the neighborhood. The project took off, and some architects came along and helped finish transforming it into an open air library.

The distinctive black and white boxes that build part of the structure are repurposed from a popular German department store from the 1960s. They create a striking contrast to the greenery and natural coloring used in the other portions of the library.

The books are set into alcoves along the walls, and there are benches and landscaped grassy areas around it. There’s a full library nearby as well, with over twenty thousand books that people can then walk to this addition to enjoy. On the libraries opening, the residents threw a festival and hosted a poetry slam.

The town is largely unpopulated in the city center, with mostly boarded up shops and buildings. So they decided to change things and make use of their space. I absolutely love everything about this library and the story of its creation. Communities so often come together in a library. ♥


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