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Craigslist Confessional might be too real for me

So I’ve been wanting to read Craigslist Confessional for a while, even before it came out. It’s a collection of anonymous stories as told to a woman who put out an offer on Craigslist to Lauren to people who needed it. Pain, abuse, depression, and so many struggles are captured in these stories, but also hope, generosity, love. It’s a sample of humanity in it’s entirety.

I finally got a copy from the library and started it. I read the first story, and damn did it play up my emotions. And this wasn’t even a sad story!! It just had a different kind of pain, and the scary unknown potential of loss.

I think I need to get my own copy of this book so I can read it slowly in pieces and take breaks when it gets really heavy. How do y’all deal with books like this, that just affect you really deeply and make them hard to read even when you want to read them?


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