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A Picture’s Worth: Vampiric Memories & Jellyfish Aliens

Words have always carried more weight with me than images – give me a book over its movie any day – but I do love to see the beautiful images other people create when they’re in love with a book. That’s not my strength, but I can certainly appreciate it in others! So here’s a few of my faves based on what I’ve been reading recently.

To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars

I’ve been ranting about how excited I was to get this ARC for a while now, and I don’t expect to stop for a while on yet! Christopher Paolini’s book outside of the Inheritance world is just as epic, but in space this time. Science is the magic TSIASOS (that is a rough acronym. Will keep working on a way to abbreviate this title. Stay tuned.).

This one is mine, because the second I got this ARC in the mail I danced around the kitchen squealing and clutching it to my chest, and then went outside to read and take some gorgeous photos of this gorgeous book on a gorgeous day. Check out my insta for a few more — because this book is so pretty and startlingly gigantic.

You really just can’t go wrong with the simple and gorgeous display of book + flowers. Especially when the cover is this stunning on it’s own. I know. I’m not going to shut up about it. *swoon*

I feel slightly weird including a photo of a stranger’s baby, but hey, they put it out in public themselves so it’s probably ok! Stranger: please let me know if this is not ok. But this is perfect for a size comparison. This book probably weighs as much as this baby and is close to being bigger than it, too!

And finally, some swag themed around the book that I’m tempering my jealousy over. I already got an ARC: I am plenty grateful for that! But I’m ALSO really curious as to what a candle would smell like. Judging by the content of the book I’ve read so far…. I can’t really guess. 😂

Midnight Sun

Frankly… I feel like I don’t even need to introduce this book. If you’re the kind of person who’s reading a book blog, you’re probably aware enough of new releases to have heard of this ten-plus-years-in-the-making follow-up to the absurdly popular Twilight novel.

And yet.

If you need to hear more ranting about this book and why it’s a seriously huge big freakin’ deal for some of us — I humbly direct you here, to where I let myself freak out about it when I heard the news. 😊

Our first photo, to appropriately set the mood: dark and somber lighting, a dramatic yet subtle entrance onto the scene. Despite the fact that this book’s publication announcement was more like a sledgehammer wielded by every Twihard lingering from ten years prior. Read: a lot of people.

I love this photo because look at how happy she is!!! This is the face of so many people when this book was announced! I know it was certainly my own face, especially when I finally got to sit down with it. Ah, all those years ago reading the partial leaked version and wishing for more…. it’s finally here!!!

Here we get some nice color aesthetic, with the Twilight series on one side and alternating black and red spines to complement the classic cover design of the series. Speaking of, a pomegranite? It seemed hella weird, but now Persephone and the pomegranate are being mentioned almost an aggressive amount in the book. Like, ok, we get it.

Coupled with some Halloween-y props for those people who wish autumn and the Day of the Dead were year-round. I love the plush velvet blanket the most here. The texture is so clear I can almost feel it, and it wraps around seeming nearly sinister… which perfectly reflects the story. ^.^

Will you be reading either of these books? Drop your thoughts so far below!


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