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Review: K-Pop Idol Diaries by Go Futa!

K-Pop Idol Diaries by Go Futa – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Recommended: sure!!
For a cute quick read, for anyone who’s all about the idol fandom, for a likable but realistic MC.

Gigi is a 16-year-old from South Korea, who dreams of becoming an idol for the famed talent agency, One-Shot Entertainment. As fate would have it, Gigi is recruited as their newest trainee, but winds up in a situation far from what she ever dreamed of when she’s placed in an experimental unit group project code-named “SKS.” From there, Gigi’s new life as a K-Pop idol begins to unfold more like a K-Drama after she’s assigned to the newly defined co-ed unit SKS-7, and must adjust to working with 6 male bandmates who aren’t very thrilled by her placement in their group. Will Gigi be able to survive in SKS-7 and the world of Korean idol life, or will her dreams go up in flames as quickly as they were ignited?

Oh man, this was so fun to read! Gigi is too edgy for her girl group, so gets shifted into a (previously) all-boy group where her rapping style will have a bigger impact. That’s definitely unusual, which is openly acknowledged in the book. Typically idol groups are gender exclusive: all female or all male. KARD is one of the few real-life mixed-gender groups I’m aware of, and even in their interviews they’ve shyly acknowledged that it can feel pretty awkward doing some of the dances and such together. Just a part of the culture.

I think that was well accounted for in this book, with one or two details that seem a bit bent from what would really happen, but aren’t a big deal. The priority in the story of the conflicts within the groups gave a surprising amount of insight into every character — which is an accomplishment when the core group is SEVEN PEOPLE. Ahh, k-pop groups and your enormous casts…. And yet I felt like I had a sense of who they all were, AND that I wanted to get to know them even more.

The character dynamics are well developed even though this is a shorter length story. It didn’t feel rushed at any point, and the conflicts were resolved without feeling forced. Plus, that ending, man… I am so excited to read the next book! One of my favorite features was the inclusion of a few drawn photos of main characters and important events! The first one was such a pleasant surprise, and the style really suited the story. It was like adding a tiny slice of a webtoon to the book. I’m already very invested not only in Gigi, but in all of SKS7 and their hopeful success.

Thank you to Go Futa for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!


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