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June TBR – I’m trying to plan again!

You may or may not know that planning what I read is a brand new, and seemingly impossible, endeavor for me. I’m such a mood reader that I tend to pick things up based on whatever strikes my fancy. There’s not a plan.

Until now.

Last month was my first go at it, and I think it went okay? I read like half of what I planned to read. But also a lot of other things that I just decided to read. That’s basically the plan here, too, because I’ve already gone off plan and started a book that wasn’t on the Offical List of June Books. I need to work in a few blank spaces each month for “whim reads.” 🙂

The June TBR Plan

This one’s in progress already, as an AUDIOBOOK! Look at me branching out!

Because I need a book that begins with J for my letter challenge, and also that happens to be on this month’s bingo challenge as well.

A bonus unplanned read, because it’s been on my list since before it came out. It’s also been mentioned lately in disccussions of social equality and #BLM; I am trying to educate myself and unlearn implicit biases and the like any way I can.

Because this has been on my shelf for a few years and it’s a short book, so I should really just read it already!

Because it was a Christmas gift, and I tried starting it around that time but couldn’t get into it. It’s time to give it another shot!

Because Catwoman + Sarah J Maas HAS to equal awesome. Also in my book club’s series catch up month list.

Because I finally started it towards the end of last month and am so interested in seeing where it goes!

Because I loved the first one, and a friend got her copy from the library, so we can read it together and chat. Plus, I need some light happiness.

Because a friend emphatically promised I’d love it and delivered a copy to my hands… a few months ago. 😶 So I should really read it. xD

Read & reviewed!

Because it’s an #SRC20 book, and got a ton of hype. It was good, but not so good that it deserved a ton of hype. 🤷‍♀️

Read & reviewed!

Because I posted how excited I was about it, and then a publicist reached out and asked if I wanted a review copy. YES. I DID. So all other plans were on hold while I devoured this. ^.^

Read, review soon!

Because the author asked if I would review, and I can never say no to a book set in Korea. ^.^ Will have the review up closer to publication!


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