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A Picture’s Worth: dark fantasy & light reality

Words have always carried more weight with me than images – give me a book over its movie any day – but I do love to see the beautiful images other people create when they’re in love with a book. That’s not my strength, but I can certainly appreciate it in others! So here’s a few of my faves based on what I’ve been reading recently.

The Obsidian Tower

I was absolutely delighted when I was offered a copy of The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso after posting about how excited I was for its release. I’ve dived right in and am loving the rich world of magic so far! It’s a new release, but I’m excited to see some wonderful bookstagram posts for it already. ^.^

Such a dramatic and striking cover on this one! The details of it are impressive, and the flurry of items in this one complements it so well.

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Goth wizards, bisexual glory, a chimera, a gritty heroine, friendships, and disastrous magic. Granddaughter of the ruler of Vaskandar, power was laid out for Ryx's future. Her magic breaks and all life is drained by every touch of her finger. Fleeing the heartbreak of her society rejecting her, Ryx searches to heal her disorderly yet grotesque magic. Then at night, Ryx kills a dignitary as an act of self defense, triggering a magical artifact. Ryx and her high fantasy version of a Scooby gang (think more dark intensity and goth gay wizards) investigate this mystery to save the world from its destruction. A feral, wild, bloody magic system ready for you to obsess about, The Obsidian Tower releases June 4th from Orbit Books. ----------------------------------------------------------- Melissa Caruso will be joining the Social Distance Book Fest on April 25th for the panel From Boys in Outer Space to Magical Girls & Guillotines: Queer Voices in Science Fiction & Fantasy. The panel will be at 5 pm PST/2 pm EST. It will be hosted by @kathytrithardt on her YouTube channel. ---------------------------------------------------------- #orbitbooks #melissacaruso #theobsidiantower #fantasyauthors #sffbooks #sffauthor #fantasyauthorsofinstagram #bookflatlay #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #fantasybooks #queerbooks #queerbookstagram #lgbtbooks #bisexualcharacter #queerownvoices #adultfiction #adultfantasybooks #bookfest #socialdistancebookfest

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Maps. Who doesn’t love a good map? I love maps in books because it feels like an exciting tease about all the places I might be able to discover. 😍

Loving the dark vibes on this one. Can’t forget the fact that OBSIDIAN is a key element to this story!!

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"Guard the tower, ward the stone. Find your answers writ in bone. Keep your trust through wits or war--nothing must unseal the door." — THE OBSIDIAN TOWER, Melissa Caruso 🌲 • • Have you added this beauty to your tbr yet? First in Melissa Caruso’s new Rooks and Ruin series, The Obsidian Tower tells the story of Ryx, a woman with broken magic. Set in the same universe as Caruso’s Sword and Fire trilogy, THE OBSIDIAN TOWER is sure to appeal to both established fans and newcomers alike.🌲 • SYNOPSIS: • One woman will either save an entire continent or completely destroy it in a captivating epic fantasy bursting with intrigue and ambition, questioned loyalties, and broken magic. • "Guard the tower, ward the stone. Find your answers writ in bone. Keep your trust through wits or war--nothing must unseal the door." • Deep within Gloamingard Castle lies a black tower. Sealed by magic, it guards a dangerous secret that has been contained for thousands of years. • As Warden, Ryxander knows the warning passed down through generations: nothing must unreal the Door. But one impetuous decision will leave her with blood on her hands--and unleash a threat that could doom the world to fall to darkness. 🌲 • THE OBSIDIAN TOWER releases June 2nd, so add this beauty to your tbr, get those preorders in, and request at your local library! 🌲 • • #theobsidiantower #rooksandruin #melissacaruso #orbitbooks #netgalley #arcbook #fantasy #ilovebooks #bookstagram #bookquotes #bookish #bookphotography #booksandcoffee #igbooks #fiestaware #instareads #instabook #booksandcandles #booksofinstagram #darkbookstagrams #booklover #bathandbodyworks #bathandbodyworkscandles #bookaddict #bookhoarder #bibliophile #booksharks #booksparks #bookishcandles #reading

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Why Not Me?

I read Mindy Kaling’s last book and enjoyed it. When I found her second book, Why Not Me?, as an audiobook recently I thought I’d give it a shot! Luckily she narrated it herself, which is an absolute delight. I’m really enjoying it!

Okay, I know technically the covers here are really teeny, BUT I also think they’re really cool! This is both of Mindy’s books as seen on tiny book charms! Crafty people make the neatest stuff. I’m also really curious how Mindy (or any author) woudl feel about wearing tiny charms of their own books. Pretentious? Delighted? Smug? I’ll save this for my next AMA with an author. 😂

I love the pairing of MIndy’s two books with BJ Novak’s short story collection. They’re “kind of like ex-spouses who’s kid is off at boarding school” so Mindy says in her second book, so why not pair them together! xD

I feel like Mindy would approve of the giant squishy cinnamon roll in the photo. But I also feel like EVERYONE should approve of that.


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