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My newfound love of Punderworld (a webtoon!)

Helloooo! Even in my reading, I’m always in search of things that make me smile and laugh. Web comics are fantastic for this, particularly because they convey so much of the artists’ personality and style for the story through every aspect of the art, not just the story itself. I found one that’s been started relatively recently that I have absolutely fallen in love with.

Enter Punderworld


The focus is on Greek mythology, and primarily focuses on the lesser-known love story of Hades, God of the Underworld, and Persephone, Goddess of the Earth (in a life & growth kind of way). It’s totally consensual, and the original myth is actually pretty illuminating. Side plug to check out Mythos by Stephen Fry for their original story, as well as how Hades became God of the Underworld with a lot of bad luck.

From episode 6

The art is GORGEOUS. When you’re drawing the realm of gods, it’s pretty important that you make it look absolutely stunning. And let me tell you, sigeel (real name Linda Sejic with Katarina Devic assisting on coloring) succeeds. The skies are so so pretty. The clever framework, with spit-takes bursting the outlined boxes around the panels, are incredibly immersive, and are that extra special touch that makes it stand out.

It’s seriously funny. The lore of Greek gods is like a cheesy soap opera, with all the scheming and drama and affairs and strict parents and badass parties. The author 100% leans into this, with sly acknowledgments of Zeus’ penchant for turning into an animal to have sex with ladies he’s not married to, and Artemis’ sapphic preferences.

And so, the mythology, of course! So far it seems to be pretty spot on, so I feel like the author must really love this topic and research it to make sure it’s accurate. The gods are so fascinating as characters, and the extraordinarily complex connections between them all practically write a story on their own.

This comic so well captures the dynamics of Zeus and Hades. Hades has a bad rap as a figure of evil, but he’s not a vindictive god of death, he’s just the book keeper for Hell. Honestly it’s not even a position he wanted. Also, Zeus is his brother along with Poseidon, and they’ve been together through some crazy shit with their parents!

From sigeel’s DeviantArt page – click the photo for more!

The worst thing about web comics is that they take a long time for the creators to make and publish, since they’re so detailed. Which leaves me wanting more and more and having to wait a week or two for a new chapter. But, wow, is it ever worth it. I can’t wait to see how this story is portrayed, and to see more of the clever and beautiful art! 😍

One small disclaimer: despite the name, I haven’t actually seen that many puns. Whether that’s a positive or negative thing for you, just be aware! xD Seriously though. Go read it. It’s so good already.


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