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What’s better than book mail? Surprise book mail!

Deliveries are hard to count on to be timely right now. Not only are most packages delayed with COVID19, but personally the street I live on is under construction so I’m not even sure if delivery people can GET to my house. It’s also a hard to find address that we’ve had problems with, so really there are a couple things stacked against me. 😅

Because of this, I’ve developed a habit of randomly checking at the front door in case something was delivered, which has happened with astonishing frequency. We’ve pretty much forgotten what we even ordered now that they’re about a month behind. It’s like Christmas!)

Imagine my childlike-delight when a rectangular cardboard package fell onto my foot when I opened the front door today! My book is here! But… which one? ❓❓❓

Turns out that this book I’ve been excited about is here early. Like, WAY early.

This book was supposed to release May 19, but got pushed out to June 19. Now Goodreads says June 4. And now it’s nicely packaged on my doorstep well before either of those dates, so honestly I have no idea, but I’m thrilled I don’t have to wait anymore! 😄

Update: my surprise book mail got even better.


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