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A Most Perfect Celebration of Star Wars Day

Alright, y’all, I’ll be honest: I’ve never been swayed by Star Wars. The story seems right up my alley, but my stars was I ever unable to manage to get through the films. I recently watched 3-6 and 9 with my beau this year at his insistence, and they were decent though still didn’t blow me away.


I found something amazing even to me at More Than Words a few months ago. Even with my negligent interest in Star Wars, I was desperate to have it.


IT’S STAR WARS TOLD IN IAMBIC PENTAMETER AND IN THE STYLE OF SHAKESPEARE. I never knew I needed this until I saw it. Alas, they only had the first volume, but let me tell you, it has whetted my appetite something fierce for the rest!

I’ve been reading it finally today, having been saving it for a Star Wars day celebration in style (May the 4th be with you and all that!). I definitely never anticipated I’d have quite so much time to do so, but hey, I’m making it work.

If you’re not jealous yet, let me also mention that it has illustrations every now and again, too.


And holy crap, I’ve always loved Shakespearean insults, and combining them with robots and space and science/magic is only enhancing them! The language is strangely well suited to the story and world on Star Wars, and what a revelation it is. Plus I would totally use a sample from this to help teach students how to read this style before jumping full on into Shakespeare.

The best things by page 50

Chorus: In time so long ago begins our play, / in star-crossed galaxy far, far away.

C3-PO to R2D2: Be thou not technical with me, / Or else thine input valve may swift receive / A hearty helping of my golden foot.

R2-D2s asides and soliloquies that are absolutely brilliant imagined insights to the most indespensible droid around

C-3PO to Luke: I see, Sir.
Luke: Surely, thou may’st call me Luke.
C-3PO: I see, Sir Luke.
Luke: Thou jolly droid, just Luke.

Ian Doescher, who wrote this blend of Shakespeare and George Lucas, is brilliant.



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