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…I bought more books…

Even though I have several from my last purchase still unread. Even though I have so many other books on my shelves that are unread. Even though I have a ton of digital books and library loans that are still waiting… I just can’t resist!

Admittedly part of my reason for buying more is to support the shop they come from, More Than Words. They’re run by at-risk youth and right now there are a lot of their employees who need help. My buying books helps feed some of them for another week. If I needed an excuse to buy books, that’s a pretty good one.

How are y’all doing? Have you been indulging in some online retail therapy or finding solace in what you have already?

–Update 4/24/20–

UHHH I was apparently in a daze yesterday and forgot to mention that it was World Book Day, which was also why I was buying more books. xD Hope y’all enjoyed! It’s nice to have a day dedicated to readers and authors and everyone else who loves books. ^.^


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