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I have a French hangover

Last week, I had this fun idea to read three books that were all set in one country. I ended choosing France for my first set, mostly because there was a book I wanted to read that was set in France. I’m a simple girl, what can I say?

All was going fine until I got to book #2 in my set, a nonfiction piece that’s highly acclaimed and well loved. But… if you couldn’t guess from my tone here… it is not well loved by me. This was me at about 40% through the book:


This book was so dull. It was so aggressively boring that I didn’t even read book #3, which I was excited about, because I just needed to get away from France!

As background, I already have very little interest in France to begin with. I’m not very interested in the language, the landmarks, the culture, the food… honestly there’s just not much that sets it above other places I’d love to visit (like Singapore!). There are so many other places on my list, that I thought I’d use this challenge to see if I could change my mind.

Nope. I very much feel the same… and maybe even less inclined to go there. I’m certainly less inclined to read another book set in France, that’s for sure. I still will get to book #3 and do that post, because I would really like to (and I already trudged my way through the trenches of Provence, so I might as well make it worth it). Look forward to it! ^.^

In the interim I’ve turned back towards World of Warcraft and some epic fantasy with demons and magic because I know what I like. I’ve been looking forward to Illidan for so long, and I feel like I deserve it. 😂


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