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March Wrap-Up

Let’s start with stating the (possibly) obvious: I have not done a “wrap up” post before. No particular reason, just never thought of it or felt the need. But the month of March 2020 is one I will never forget and has been absolutely bananas, so lets take a look at it in a timeline via books. Even if this is the only wrap up ever, this one is worth doing! ๐Ÿ˜

March 1

Location: Mexico, England ~~ Current Read: The Girl on the Train ~~ General Happiness: 10!!!

FINALLY on my vacation, postponed since October. First vacation with my S.O. and so amazing with snorkeling, cave swimming, beach days, spa days, delicious food, and lots of sunshine!

March 6

Location: Massachusetts ~~ Current Reads: Anna K, The Fox & Little Tanuki Vol 1 ~~ General Happiness: 7

Obviously work is never going to be as good as a tropical resort vacation with my love, but I made it work. It helped that I got to review and ARC of a completely adorable comic and a fascinating adaptation of a Tolstoy work to young adult (bizarre yet effective).

March 10

Location: Massachusetts ~~ Current reads: Furiously Happy ~~ General Happiness: 4

Coronavirus ramping up. Projects at work getting canceled. Things feel… precarious. I have a terrible weekend as far as mental health goes and my love drives me to the bookstore late on Saturday because I know one thing that will absolutely make me feel better is a copy of Furiously Happy in my hands for a re-read.

March 18

Location: home, Hawai’i, Yugoslavia ~~ Current Reads: Moloka’i, Murder on the Orient Express ~~ General Happiness: 3

WELL. My company laid a ton of people off, resulting in a day of watching friends and coworkers sadly gather their things and be escorted out. Absolutely terrible. Company also gave the work from home order (FINALLY, THE FOOLS) so now I’m figuring out technology and self-care while permanently at home and how to be productive full-time in pajamas. But, as I remind myself, it could be worse: I could have leprosy and watch my country be overthrown and be separated from all my friends and family to slowly die.

I now live in fear, because I’m the most senior member of my team, but I’m also not counting anyone safe.

March 27

Location: home, Italy, L.A. ~~ Current Reads: Tell Me Three Things, Love & Gelato ~~ General Happiness: 1

Was furloughed from my job until maybe July at best but I’m not holding out hope. Now unemployed and unfocused and unpaid. However, I have books. So I furiously read books, particularly ones that can take me places I can’t currently go.

March 31

Location: home, South Korea ~~ Current Reads: Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982, Empress of Salt and Fortune ~~ General Happiness: 7

Figured out how to deal with unemployment, how to keep my mental and physical health up, and how to make the best of the current situation. It’s actually possibly working out in my favor in some ways, so I’ll focus on that! ๐Ÿ˜Š

So really, I started this month out on a paid vacation in Mexico and ended it unemployed and stuck at home for at least another month. The amount of change in that is insane! While there were certainly a few really awful days, overall I’ve done ok. My strength is in always being able to find things to be grateful for and keeping an awareness that all bad things eventually come to and end.

So, condensed:

The Lows

  • watching friends get laid off
  • catching a fever and having to figure out if it was COVID19 or just a fever
  • working from home full-time
  • being furloughed (unemployed)
  • figuring out unemployment
  • ever-present frustration around people’s behaviour and handling of COVID19 (STAY AT HOME!!!!! ITS NOT THAT HARD!!! MY GOD!!!)

The Highs

  • Mexico vacation!
  • bought a lot of new books to read at a great price
  • won/otherwise received several ARCs for books I’m excited about
  • got to spend a lot of time on my blog & reading
  • strengthened relationship with my S.O. after spending almost a solid month together 100% of the time ๐Ÿ˜
  • becoming a better friend by consistently and deliberately reaching out to people and doing a video call, watch movies together, doing a virtual happy hour, etc.
  • joined a new book community (Bookishfirst!)
  • Completed my sixth year straight of daily photos
  • going for walks every day with my S.O. in the local park & befriending lots of squirrels
  • got over 300 views on my blog in the month, a new record for me (THANKS Y’ALL!!! ๐Ÿ˜)
Just for fun, here are some neighbors who found all their decorations


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