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When all else fails…

Lose yourself in a book

I happen to work in the travel industry. And if you haven’t heard, there’s a pandemic that has countries shutting down, mandatory quarantines being imposed, and generally is making travel a pretty bad idea. So you can probably guess that our industry is not doing so great.

Today was a really tough day at work, after last night’s instituted ban on travel from Europe to the US (more or less). The impact was significant, and piled on top of everything else, my company is starting to take some critical measures.

Instead of hiding under my desk, I went to read a book at my favorite cafe which has blessedly not yet closed with the fear of Covid-19. My current book also happens to be Moloka’i, which is great for giving some perspective. My company may be in shambles, but I wasn’t banished to an island of lepers to slowly die. Realistically, things could be much worse. 👍🏽


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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