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I finally finished my stack of books!

I had a huge stack on ongoing reads the past month or so, because I just couldn’t make up my mind on what I wanted to read. So I read a bit of everything, depending on my mood. Here’s what I finally wrapped up!

4/5 surprise

I stumbled onto a mystery novel and I liked it. So many people had recommended it to me, too, so it was a perfect gift to dive into.


Having a rough hour, day, week? I was. So I picked up my best go-to book for tough times.

3/5 but almost 2

Surprisingly disappointing, I know I’m very much the minority. One end promise bumped it to a 3, but I set this one aside for a while around 75% through because I lost interest.

4/5 unique

Devoured this one as a necessary digression from everything else I was in the middle of because a retelling of Anna Karenina is something special that I had to have.

3/5 backlist work

Run Away whetted my appetite for mystery/suspense and this seemed like a good choice. I generally enjoyed it, but probably won’t think of it much ever again now that it’s done. Not sure I get why it was so popular and hyped.

Still working….

This is a lot of octopus talk, which is starting to drag at 70% but I will get there. I have learned a lot of interesting things, but I also don’t need to hear so much about octopus motherhood and and sex.


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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