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Valentine’s Book Haul

Love is in the air

You wander around shyly, not quite sure what you want but optimistic you might find out. Your eyes are drawn to the pretty ones, the clever ones, the mysterious ones. You skim over, mostly, but every now and then you pause to drink one in a little deeper. Maybe approach if no one else is lingering, reach out to say hello, see what they’re all about. To see if this is the one you’ll take home with you tonight.

Hell, if I have my way, I’ll be taking far more than one home! And I did just that — by the time I was walking up to the cash register, my arms were so full of books I could barely see and the top ones were in constant danger of toppling. Ahh, the joy of a high budget while wandering a bookstore! 😍


So, yes, I had my S.O. take me to my favorite bookshop after we did all the Valentine’s Day Stuff. What better topping of a date than a bookshop where I have a hefty gift card? 😍

I ended up with a few that I’ve been wanting to read, both older and newer ones, as well as some surprises that I had never heard of but was intrigued by.

Blind date book – I have always wanted to the a blind date with a book, and they had some here! If you’re curious about what book this ended up being, check out my post about it here. 😊 It’s the one in brown paper on the top of the stack.

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – Star Wars has been all up in my life lately, with my S.O. playing the MMO a lot lately since WoW is such a disappointment (ugh, BFA, ugh). This also means we’ve been watching the movies, and if you weren’t aware, there are a lot of them. I don’t really care for the franchise and have never been that interested despite it seeming like my exact preference. But blended with Shakespeare? I will give ANYTHING a chance for that! I’m so excited!

Moloka’i – This one caught my attention because I always like reading about a place or topic I don’t know much about. So historical Hawai’i and leper colonies? SIGN ME UP!

The Passage – I loved the show that ran for one season as a “prequel” to this series. I’m also bitterly disappointed that it was cancelled after that one season and doesn’t seem to be coming back. (Netflix, PLEASE ADOPT IT!) So to soothe that ache, I found the book!

The Sun is Also a Star – I’ve already forgotten again what this book is about. I know it was really popular, and I remember the cover is very colorful. Despite hearing about it so much for so long and reading the blurb like four days ago, I’ve already forgotten again. But I know I was interested, so here it is!

New Kid – I love a graphic novel! I’ve heard many good things about this one, and I was delighted to find a copy here. It was actually the first book that entered my stack when I got into the store. I’ve started it already and the style is so entertaining and genuine!

The Girl on the Train – Borrowed this from my friend’s mom when it first came out, but she had it from the library and had to return it. I only got like a chapter in. I can finally give it a shot of my own with no time constraints!

Have you read any?

Which ones should I start with? Of course, the problem now is that I have too many books to fit on my one shelf. I only keep one shelf to try to minimize how much I have to move when I move; books are HEAVY. That’ll be the next project!


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