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Just Published: The Seventh Sun by Lani Forbes!

Reminder that The Seventh Sun by Lani Forbes (⭐⭐⭐⭐) released today! Check out the full review here, or pick up a copy of your own at Barnes and Noble!

Recommended: Yes!
For a fantastic Mayan-esque fantasy, for a ripe and unique world of belief and gods, for anyone who wants to imagine more about the world in the movie The Road to El Dorado

The emperor is dead, and before the crown Prince Ahkin can take his father’s place, he must choose an empress. While bearing the burden of raising the sun every day and attempting to prevent another apocalypse, he must now find a wife among the noble houses that each wield their own kind of magic. Mayana, meanwhile, is sure she won’t be picked by the emperor, dooming her to be sacrificed in a blessing to the marriage. She can’t stand the sacrifices, but in a world where that belief is embedded in every daily action, she struggles to hide her thoughts on the matter. That’s easier said than done when she’s in a selection for future empress, however…


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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