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Spine poetry – true story

Why is it so easy to write sad depressing things from book titles? Is this a revelation about what I read? I had no idea…

This session of spine poetry is fully powered by books I’ve read from NetGalley (thanks NetGalley!). It’s a little bit longer, and I was delighted with how well I managed to make it come together. It can also tell the story of another book on my NetGalley list, Every Other Weekend by Abigail Johnson. Without further ado, here it is:

Big lies in a small town, unearthed
Only mostly devastated
master of
sorrows, scars
like wings.
and found every colour of you

The art of looking up

The story

As you can see, I got a little more creative with the formatting here instead of just providing the list of book names. I wanted to focus attention on certain words and pairings. The physical shape of it is deliberate, driving down narrower and narrower into the word lost before expanding out again, emphasizing how you can feel like you have less and less.How until you’re able to grow past the darkness, often with the help of someone else, you feel lost. How you can be dazzled back into life by someone else’s reckless happiness (thanks Rooster Teeth).

So how does this align with Every Other Weekend? Well let’s take a look! Big lies, relating to Adam’s discovery of what the heck is going on with his parents. Those are unearthed, leading him to a spiral of anger and fear that he struggles to get out of. Enter Jolene, who has been living in a similar world of family disaster for so long that her hate has crystallized into scars (sometimes more literal than we’d like). Both feel completely lost, and then they find each other. They learn each other and through that, themselves, and ultimately learn how to find joy in any shade of life.

Reviews for each book in this list here!

Every other weekend
Big lies in a small town
Only mostly devastated
master of sorrows
scars like wings
Lost and found

every colour of you
The art of looking up


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