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Underwhelmed yet again

I had nothing on my immediate reading list when I finished my last book, so naturally I looked up some deals on Amazon and went a little nuts. One of the books I got was The Matchmaker’s List by Sonya Lalli.


Basic premise: Almost-30 Indian girl Raina in Canada is being set up by her grandmother on tons of dates under the insistence that she get married ASAP because 30 is basically ancient in these matters. Raina is hung up on her ex who never had time for her, and hates all the dates. Somehow this leads to Raina letting her grandmother believe she is actually lesbian, and —

Do I really need to go on? That point alone is where I knew I should have stopped. Unless she realizes she actually is gay and that’s why she’s not interested in any of the guys from her grandmother, I’m not a fan of this plot angle.

I also just finished Ayesha At Last, which I was also meh about. Why are all the books I find with Indian characters only about a woman and arranged marriage? Surely there’s more to the culture than that. Any recommendations for books with Indian characters that give them more depth?

There are a lot of reasons I should stop reading this book, primarily just that I’m really not enjoying it.


I don’t really have an answer, honestly, though at some times it was the only one I had available so the only option. Not anymore, though! And boy is this likely ending up on the Attempted shelf…


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