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Fast Forward Friday: The Opposite of Fate

Expected Publish Date: February 18, 2020
In contrast to Throwback Thursday, I’m using Fast-Forward Friday to drool over books that I’m waiting on to come out! This one sounds like it will end up being a pretty difficult and heavy read, but I’m looking forward to The Opposite of Fate by Alison McGhee.

Why wait on this one?

Frankly this one is a fairly straightforward reason: the subject matter. The contention of a girl who gets raped, falls into a coma, and is impregnated is a heavy discussion. I imagine there will be a lot of discussion around this book, likely mirroring the two opposing sides within it. How do you make a choice for someone so intimate and personal and difficult even in the best circumstances?

I am largely looking forward to the discussion around this book, and I very much hope that it will remain respectful and intelligent while discussing the ethics and morality at its core.


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