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A Picture’s Worth: Light & Lukewarm (it’s better than it sounds!)

Words have always carried more weight with me than images – give me a book over its movie any day – but I do love to see the beautiful images other people create when they’re in love with a book. That’s not my strength, but I can certainly appreciate it in others! So here’s a few of my faves based on what I’ve been reading recently.

I’ve had this little book of poetry on my kindle for a while, waiting for when the time felt right. That time came this weekend, and I was swept away by this lovely set of poems! SO grateful to have this in my back pocket for tough days now. I’ll definitely be buying the physical copy, because it’s gorgeous (as you’ll see below) and feels like the kind of thing you want to give physical presence to.

Ahhhh, it’s so gorgeous. The original poster’s account is gone now, but the author has a repost, luckily!

And yes, of course, the poetry is gorgeous too ^.^

Ayesha At Last

I had been looking forward to this for a while, but it left me lukewarm at best. Still, I can definitely enjoy the idea behind it and the idea in front of it. Or… on the front of it. Ok, that didn’t go so well, but basically I LOVE THE COVERS. I had no idea there were so many!

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Finished reading my first book of winter break! Do you have any favorite classics or classic retellings? This is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but with Muslim, South Asian / Canadian characters. It was a light, perfect read to rewind from finals–and the parallels with the original (especially in terms of community drama and family relationships) are well thought-out. . . It was a pretty enjoyable read. It’s pretty much the definition of a halal romance novel, if ever there was one. Some things were kind of new to me regarding South Asian Muslim culture, like the whole complex “rishta” process, Bollywood references, and also some terms I didn’t understand (I wish there was a glossary, although most terms could be understood from context). But as a whole, the Masjid/Muslim community drama was entertaining and not too far from reality I know...😬 . . Although the protagonists, Ayesha and Khalid, were likeable characters, my favorites were Ayesha’s grandparents, Nana and Nani, and her younger brother Idris. They felt somehow more real to me, and I really love the loyalty they all showed to each other and their own personality quirks. I could see some of them in some of my own family members. . . For Khalid, I have to be honest: couldn’t get over how unnatural his speech sounded. I just could not hear his lines in normal, everyday speech. But I do really appreciate his overall stubborn commitment to his religion in both private and public life. He displayed great characteristics as a Muslim man in terms of his dealings with friends, women, and family. . . Above all, I think Jalaluddin did a really great job at capturing true, relateable struggles faced by Western Muslim communities, especially the younger Muslims, in a lighthearted, hopeful way. . . . . . . . . . . . #bookstagram #ayeshaatlast #uzmajalaluddin #muslimreads #muslimauthors #muslimwomen #romance #prideandprejudice #janeausten #retelling #classic #hijab #yellow #purple #canada #weneeddiversebooks #muslimwomenauthors #debut #winterbreak #bookreview #bookphotography #muslimshelfspace

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I gotta admit… I’m eyeing that ice cream at least as much as the cover. Plus what is that, some kind of blueberry tea drink? Looks hella good.

And we have another new cover, and this one even has a (slightly) different name!

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"Apapun yang kau rasakan terhadap seseorang sebelum menikah hanyalah ketertarikan dan reaksi kimia. Semua itu tidak nyata," 161. . Ayesha || #ulasan 4 || #khairaluv Kisah Ayesha ini tak hanya berfokus tentang percintaan saja. Melainkan banyak unsur-unsur kebudayaan luar seperti halnya Pakistan, India, dan Kanada. Serta dengan pandangan cara beragama yang berbeda-beda. Seperti halnya Ayesha dan Khalid beragama dengan pandangan yang bertolak belakang. Bahkan Khalid ke kantor pun dia memakai jubah putih dengan janggut yang tak tercukur. Sehingga memicu masalah dengan bosnya, si Sheila yang ingin mengubah cara pandang Khalid agar ke kantor tak memakai jubah, dan lebih profesional lagi dalam bekerja, misalnya menjabat tangan siapa pun termasuk perempuan. Menurut pandanganku pribadi sih kita harus profesional dalam mengerjakan sesuatu. Seperti berpakaian rapi sesuai dengan kondisinya. Namun jika untuk suatu hal yang di larang agama, maka tanpa pikir panjang akan kulakukan. Seperti menjabat tangan yang bukan muhrim/laki-laki (bagiku yang perempuan), tak seharusnya dilakukan. Cukup bungkukkan badan dan anggukkan kepala sebagai tanda penghormatan. Namun ya mau bagaimana lagi, banyak di luar sana, bahkan mungkin di dekat sini, yang memandang aneh ajaran Islam, padahal itu jelas kebenarannya. Agama, zaman, budaya hal yang berbeda, jangan di samakan dan jangan mencampur akidah Islam dengan hal-hal lain. Ada yang berlandaskan Islam, namun dengan cara yang salah. Bid'ah misalnya. Lho, kok? Sampe situ? Balik lagi ke novelnya, cus! 🤭 . , "Kau menyukainya," dia membuat pernyataan. . "Aku tidak ... Aku tidak pernah ... Ya, aku menyukainya," akunya pasrah. Waah .. duarrr! 🔥 Aku kok baper sih. Dasar diriku, lemah :" 😂🤭 . Eh, tapi kan Ayesha nyamar jadi Hafsa 😶 Gimana ya, hm .. baca ulang Blurbnya dong di feed sebelumnya 😜 . ☕☕☕☕☕ . Besok, adalah hari pengembalian novel ini. Bagaikan deadline, namun aku bisa memperpanjang jangka pinjam, dong hehe 😍 . #islamicreadingchallenge2020 #ayesha #novelayesha #nourapublishing #uzmajalaluddin #romanticparathas #muslimlove #ayeshaatlast #library #novel #goodreads #novelterjemahan #booklover #bookstagram #bookreview

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Well you can’t win them all

One was a lovely find from something not well known, and one was well known that was a bit of a letdown. Trust your gut, I suppose, and look at least a little further than the cover.


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