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Spine poetry – that painful hope

I did it once before, and like I said, I enjoyed it quite a lot! I set my shelf to random and tried my hand at another session of spine poetry. I feel like that needs another name though; that sounds aggressive and kind of morbid. Maybe it will sound better if I think of it in a “written on the body” way.

Anyway, today’s spine poetry creation is a lot lighter than my previous one. Perhaps this one means a little less, too, but I love the idea of it and the ease of (imaginary) love.

If you’re out there,
one small thing
before the coffee gets cold:
if I never met you,
what if it’s us?

The story…

I imagine here someone laying in bed in the hours before your alarm goes off, the time when you can pretend you don’t have any life obligations. The time when you’re allowed to wonder, and question, and dream… and sometimes on worse days, to worry.

This blends a bit of both, as someone is lying alone and wondering if the person they’re meant to be with is out there, waiting for them. Or worse: if they’ve already passed by and they’re so close, yet so far.

It’s painful optimism. When it hurts to hope, but it’s a better hurt than the numbness of giving up.

Wow, so maybe it’s a little less lighthearted than I originally felt, but that’s the scene that came to mind. Hope you enjoyed reading it, as I did writing it! I’d love to hear if you’ve ever created your own spine poetry or read any of the books I used — they’re all from my TBR so this serves as a good reminder to me as well of what I have waiting. 😋


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