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Is it a lull if it’s still 2 books a week?

I’m feeling strange, lately. Less enthused about reading than usual. More likely to start a book, then put it down ten minutes later after being unable to focus on it. Or start a book I’ve been excited about for months, then decide I’m not interested after twenty pages.

I definitely attribute some of my apathy towards reading to the season. This time of year, when it’s more often dark than not, is when I’m usually uninterested in… most things. The sun goes down early, and so does my mood and motivation.

But having said that, I’ve still read 6 books already. So… is two books a week really a lull? Considering most American adults read 5 (or less) in a year, I’m probably still fine. It’s simply unsettling. If I can’t turn to joy in reading, what can I turn to?

And, again, having said that, every page of Arthas: Rise of the Lich King thrilled me, and The Bookish Life of Nina Hill has made me smile and laugh so many times that I certainly can’t say I’m not enjoying it! Right now, I think I just have to put more effort into picking exactly which book is going to suit my mood best. That’s not really such a bad thing!

At what point do you consider yourself in a slump, or a lull? Is it how many books you’ve finished, or started? How long you spend reading? How often you read? Your mood when reading? I’m curious, because there’s definitely a wide range for people!


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