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Cover Roulette: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

I did my first cover roulette post a while ago for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and it was so fun I wanted to do another! Luckily I found another popular book that has had many different editions made, and I wondered…

What other awesome covers have I missed?

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas was talked about extensively for quite a while, and now that I’ve read it, I totally see why. For those outside the United States, the impact is likely a bit different than for those of us inside the US. Regardless the message and weight this book carries has clearly resonated around the world, as it’s been published in many, many different countries.

The Cover I Know

Starr with her sign, which has now become pretty iconic for the story. The title phrase on it works well into the story. This reflects it well I think, with the inclusion of her ripped jean short to her feet tilted a bit nervously, though clad in what I’m sure are top of the line sneakers.

2018 Indonesian

Working on the same idea as the cover I know, this one takes it a step further by sticker Starr amidst people who seem to be at a funeral (which would make sense). Her discomfort is even more obvious here, even as her anger is still clear in her holding the sign/photo instead of flowers, as the others do.

2017 Swedish: strange choices

A bit of a switch here, though still focusing on having a black women on the cover with the title in hard block capitals. I don’t really love this one; the colors and design elements seem like unfitting choices.

2019 Croatian: borderline?

A monochrome background, this time with a close-up of a woman’s face. This one is intriguing, as it makes it hard to determine if it’s meant to be optimistic or defeated. I like that – the book treads the line of both emotions as well. A constant struggle. Love that it still spells, THUG, too! Is that a word n Croatian, too?

2017 Hungarian: Fierce

I adore this cover. The monochrome background again highlights her eyes and the many messages they could be giving. The thick bold font and colored highlight the name and message, and makes it look like she’s looking directly at it.

2018 English: Bold republish

Definitely more focused on the text here, though the silhouette in the back still works. I love the way this is really in your face – reminds me of the protests towards the end of the book. Where you make people listen.

2017 Serbian: Victorian Thugs

This, to me, is an extremely weird cover choice. Why is it an invitation? Why does it have an old profile style design? Why is “T.H.U.G.” spelled out on a prim ribbon overlay? I have a lot of questions. I would read a book with this cover, but I wouldn’t expect it to be THIS book. 😅

2019 Thai: literal togetherness

Maybe they were going for the idea of how the community and Starr’s family all come together in ways throughout this book. I’m mostly just confused though… I can’t really make our where these human-ish forms begin and end, and who they are meant to represent.

2018 Slovak: WHOOOOOO!!!

And here we have the inevitable cover that focuses on the idea of crazy protests-turned-riots. I’m really curious where this picture came from, as it certainly looks like a fairly light-skinned person from the hand… did they just totally miss the point?

Which one’s your favorite?

Most countries stuck with having Starr on the cover in some way, but there were a good amount of variations in how they did so. I’m still baffled by the Serbian one and it’s resemblance to Victorian cameo silhouettes, like on the brooches.


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3 thoughts on “Cover Roulette: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

  1. Very cool. The Croatian and Hungarian ones are interesting. I agree the Serbian one is baffling. The reprint is not bad, but the original one is just so iconic. I loved that they based one of the movie posters on it.

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