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Fast Forward Friday: Loveboat, Taipei

In contrast to Throwback Thursday, I’m using Fast-Forward Friday to drool over books that I’m waiting on to come out! This one is a romance / self discovery focus via traveling, which is a hard combo to beat when done well. Let’s see, shall we??

Expected Release: January 7, 2020

Why wait on this one?

  • I was disappointed by Again, But Better and I think this could do that story again, but better. (I’m way too proud of what I did there…) Then I can satisfy that craving that was left wanting before!
  • Anywhere that lets me experience a tiny taste of culture from somewhere I’ve never been is automatically getting points in its favor.
  • Those decisions made when free from parents for the first time are rough in real life, but great for a book. Plus it’ll probably resolve happily with lessons learned!
  • The author’s super cute happy dance when she held a published copy didn’t hurt, either. Who can resist such joy?! 😁


Reader, traveler, photographer, and always looking to learn!

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