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The Pressure is On

For once, I’m not talking about the pressure to accomplish my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Typically December is a month of frantic investigation into short stories, shorter novels, poetry, and graphic novels; you know, things I can read quickly to scrape by with meeting my goal of 52 books.

This time, the pressure is to choose which book will be the last book I read in 2019. Not only does this require careful planning to ensure I finish it in 2019 but not so early that I finish another book after that in 2019, BUT it also has to be a book that I’m not too excited about – because I don’t want to wait a few weeks to read it!


  1. Read most of a book but leave like ten pages from the end. Read the last ten pages on New Years Eve.
    Reality: This would drive me CRAZY to wait to finish the book. Also feels far too fake.

  2. Choose a shorter book or graphic novel to have as my last book, and start it a day or two before the new year so there’s definitely time to finish it.
    Reality: More plausible, though still the issue of any other books I’m in the middle of. Curse my habit of reading multiple books at once!!

  3. Don’t make plans on New Years Eve, and spend the last 6 hours of the year reading a single book of my choosing.
    Reality: I definitely won’t be able to get away with no NYE plans with my S.O. and I don’t really want to put those off! Though this would be a nice way to end the year…

  4. Convince my friends to have a book party on NYE where we alternate reading aloud a chapter from a short book until we finish it.

  5. Don’t care about what book is the last book of the year
    Reality: 👿 DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!

Any suggestions for what should be my last book of the year? Am I the only one thinking about this, or do y’all have this issue too?


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