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Fast-Forward Friday: Shadow Knights

In contrast to Throwback Thursday, I’m using Fast-Forward Friday to drool over books that I’m waiting on to come out! At the moment my excitement is for Shadow Knights, the second book in the Realm of Knights series. Okay, now, admittedly, I did only just find out that this series was even a thing. However, the first was only published in September, so don’t blame me too much for missing it. Also, I’m still hella excited because it’s JENNIFER ANNE DAVIS!!!

Expected Release: December 10, 2019

Why wait on this one?

She’s getting even better at her covers
  • My number 1 reason: IT’S JENNIFER ANNE DAVIS. I was just saying how her series The Key is one I re-read more than any, and how it was so unexpected and so good! Anything by her, I’m going to pick up, and that’s not something I say about many authors.
  • Badass female characters who defy all norms – especially the stupid patriarchal norms. I will probably never get tired of them. ✊
  • Another thing I don’t get tired of: dramatic kingdom-based political machinations. Also the word “machinations.” I would also accept “schemes.” And the taste of betrayal? Ooooh I’m in!
  • Sort of PS here – I also get to read the first one first, so it’s like two books in one! ^.^


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